Immigration Process

At GlobalCare Services, we understand that navigating the immigration process can be complex. That's why we provide comprehensive support and guidance to ensure a smooth and successful journey for our nurses and healthcare institutions.

Step-by-step process

1Sign the Placement Agreement
2I-140 Processing
3Fill up documentation
4USCIS I-140 Filing
5Premium Processing
6USCIS Notice of Receipt or RFE
7Notice of Approval
8Complete DS260 Questionnaire
9DQ and Consular Interview Date
10Consular Interview Prep
11Visa Approval
12Welcome to the USA

Sign the Placement Agreement

The registered nurse (RN) will send the required documents indicated in the Placement Agreement checklist to our New York office. Some documents can be scanned and sent via email.


I-140 Processing

Our New York office will review the original documents and forward them to our immigration attorney for I-140 processing.


Fill up documentation

The immigration attorney will review the documents and send a questionnaire documentation to the applicant. The RN should fill up the Docketwise document online and return it to the immigration attorney.


USCIS I-140 Filing

Once the document review is complete, the immigration attorney will send it to the petitioner for signature as required prior to filing USCIS I-140.


Premium Processing

Upon receipt of the documents, the immigration lawyer will file USCIS I-140 via Premium Processing, which initiates a 15-day expedited processing period. A Notice of Approval will be sent within 15 days.


USCIS Notice of Receipt or RFE

USCIS may provide a Notice of Receipt with the priority date or issue a Request for Evidence (RFE). An RFE does not indicate a denial; it means the USCIS officer needs more information or documents before making a decision.


Notice of Approval

USCIS will transmit the file to the National Visa Center and send the Visa Fee Bill for further processing. This process typically takes one to three months. GlobalCare covers the Visa Fee Bill for single applicants, while applicants with dependents should pay $345 per dependent.


Complete DS260 Questionnaire

The applicant should complete the DS260 questionnaire along with all the civil documents indicated on our checklist. With the Visa Fee Bill, the immigration attorney will submit all the documents to the National Visa Center. GlobalCare Services assists applicants in completing the DS260 form.


DQ and Consular Interview Date

The applicant will receive a DQ (Documentarily Qualified) notice and a consular interview date. GlobalCare Services will arrange a Zoom preparation planning session with USRN and maintain close communication during this preparation.


Consular Interview Prep

GlobalCare Services will conduct a comprehensive Zoom preparation session with the applicant and USRN to ensure they are well-prepared for the consular interview.


Visa Approval

Once the applicant receives visa approval from the US Embassy, GlobalCare Services will assist in planning their arrival and ensure they arrive in the US within the visa validity period. Suitable housing options will be discussed in advance for a smooth settlement upon arrival.


Welcome to the USA

Our dedicated team will personally pick up the nurse from the airport and assist them in reaching their designated hotel or apartment. We provide support in obtaining a social security number, establishing a bank account, and completing various essential tasks to help them settle smoothly in the USA.

Want know more information about our immigration services?

At GlobalCare Services, we are committed to supporting nurses and healthcare institutions throughout the immigration process, ensuring a seamless transition to working in the United States. Contact us today for more information about our immigration services.